Business Day: Economic Imperatives of Port Harcourt’s Monorail Experiment

on Jul 19 in News

Friday, 04 June 2010 01:05 IGNATIUS CHUKWU

IGNATIUS CHUKWU in Port Harcourt writes that the Rivers State government is poised to revolutionise transportation in the Garden City with the construction of West Africa’s first monorail project.
President Goodluck Jonathan, on Friday, May 14, 2010, laid the foundation stones to flag off construction of West Africa’s first monorail project and perhaps Africa’s third monorail experiment, after the Nile system and Kuala Lumpur monorail project. Should construction go according to plan, and with N50Bn spent by the next five years, five trains of 300 passengers each would move at the same time and run through the routes from morning till night.
The Port Harcourt monorail, an advanced rapid transit system, is therefore capable of hauling over 15,000 passengers in a day, conservatively. The implication is that the monorail system would mop up passengers that would have required at least 1000 14-seater buses to handle. When monorail begins, at least 1000 buses would either go off road or look for passengers elsewhere. At least, there would be sanity on the roads and the routes in the garden city.

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